How to build a Mobee micro drone (not really easy to DIY)

Check out the construction process of the Harvard Monolithic Bee (Mobee), it’s fascinating.

A step in building a Mobee
A step in building a Mobee

Unfortunately not really something you can build at home. Nor can you buy it at a local shop. Oh well…

Harward's Mobee drone
Harward’s Mobee drone

“Such bee-sized flying robots have low material costs and could be made in large numbers, and their small size lets them maneuver in confined spaces, Fuller said. They could have a lot of applications in remote sensing and in search and rescue operations, and could also act as “robobees” in assisted agriculture, pollinating flowers and fighting pests, Fuller said.

The researchers are working in parallel on the many different technological advances required to make these fly-sized robots fully autonomous and wireless. For example, they are working on providing it with a lightweight onboard processor, and a small, high-energy power source so that it is no longer tethered by wires.

They are also working on making the vehicles faster to produce and more durable. At the moment, it takes several days to make each robotic fly, and each vehicle can only fly for a matter of minutes before it has to be discarded. “We’re talking five to ten years before some sort of commercialization,” Fuller said.” – Source

Here you go with the video: