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Enjoy DJI Phantom 4: Greater Navigability and Other Enhanced Features

I hope you will enjoy this nice guest post by Liz Pekler on the advanced features introduced by DJI with version 4 of the Phantom drone.


Phantom 4, what's in the box. Source: Adorama
Phantom 4, what’s in the box. Source: Adorama

DJI’s highly anticipated Phantom 4 boasts stunning 4K video, 12-megapixel photos, intelligent flying modes for seamless navigation, and other new and improved features that set it apart from previous Phantom iterations.

The DJI Phantom 4 has an advanced propulsion system, a more aerodynamic frame, and a larger battery that enables extended flight times. Just as importantly, the DJI Phantom 4 boasts enhanced computer vision and fully autonomous capabilities, making it equally suitable for amateurs who are flying drones for the first time or seasoned professionals who want to take their aerial photography and videography to the next level. Continue reading Enjoy DJI Phantom 4: Greater Navigability and Other Enhanced Features

An overview on the DJI Phantom Plus

I am very glad to publish the following article by Ben Stuart, Webmaster of Ready Quadcopters. Make sure you pay a visit to this beautiful and informative web site by clicking the logo below!

Ready Quadcopters logo


The DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus is a fantastic machine. Whether you are looking to get into photography or just looking to fly something awesome, then this is the machine for you! It’s great for beginners as well as advanced flyers, just make sure you are someplace that won’t hurt anyone.

While this machine is very cool, we highly recommend you start with something smaller like the Hubsan X4 when learning how to orient yourself with a quadcopter. Even if you have flown model airplanes before, this is something completely different. The Hubsan X4 will give you a cheap flying lesson so you don’t have to experiment on your $1200 DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus.


Continue reading An overview on the DJI Phantom Plus

Serbia-Albania football match stopped because of DJI Phantom hovering over the stadium with Albania flag

A Serbia-Albania football match was stopped when a DJI Phantom appeared carrying an Albania flag. A player manages to catch the flag and apparently (not fully clear from the video) take down the phantom.

DJI Phantom hovers in stadium during Serbia Albania football game
DJI Phantom hovers in stadium during Serbia Albania football game

Here’s the video:

Stay tuned on the Personal Drones blog for the latest multirotor and quadcopter news!

Nice video of Giethoorn, The Netherlands, by Xandro Media

Xandro Media brought to my attention his nice video of the city of Giethoorn, The Netherlands, asking if it was good enough to be published here.

Of course it is and thank you Xandro Media for sharing this with us!

It’s nice to see the stability and quality of video that you can get with a “standard” equipment such a DJI Phantom & Zenmuse H3-2D with GoPro 3+ Black edition. And as you will see, the pilot did a great job, here you go:

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Drone for class surveillance in school during exams, an efficient technology?

In Thomas More College in Belgium an “experiment” was made to employ a little personal drone, a DJI Phantom equipped with a GoPro Camera for the surveillance of students during exams, as shown in the following video:

The technology at the moment suffers from a number of limitations: Continue reading Drone for class surveillance in school during exams, an efficient technology?

Another great nine minutes of FPV on Ko Samui by Arendatorovnet with the TBS Discovery quadcopter

Here we go with another exciting nine minutes video by Arendatorovnet. The quad appears to be a TBS discovery pro with apparently  standard DJI equipment (ESC, motors, arms).

A video transmitter with a linearly polarized antenna is visible on the front of the quad, whose brand and frequency remains to be identified/disclosed. A we have already discussed here, the tech specifications of the video equipment are a puzzle as the pilot appears to be flying long distances and down roads under loads of electrical cables without loss of the video link.

The video promotes the copter.mobi link for aerial video service. The link actually points to the Arendatorovnet youtube channel, click to check out.

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Are personal drones a concern for privacy? Do people actually use multirotors to spy on neighbors?

Local 6 found a drone that was hovering over central Florida and then crashed on the ground. It appears to be a DJI F330 quadcopter with a NAZA flight controller with GPS.

The quadcopter had a camera GoPro attached to it apparently with generous footage inside. This provided clues on the flight activities of the quadcopter and, as it happens, on the actual owner of the quad.

The video below reports this interesting story by Local 6 and some examples of the footage recorded from the quadcopter.


Self portrait of the pilot, from the footage in the GoPro from the DJI F330 quadcopter that crashed in florida
Self portrait of the pilot, from the footage in the GoPro from the DJI F330 quadcopter that crashed in florida

The video features an interview with the pilot, who comes out as a nice guy passionated with multirotors. In short, one of us. He explains that his only purpose was to take some nice footage to upload on youtube. Local 6 in my opinion is “pumping” an otherwise ordinary quadcopter crash to make a story out of it and point a big accusative finger on personal drones, as if they were mainly used for voyeuristic purposes, which indeed is not the case.

Using a quadcopter with such purposes, by the way, is not that easy. They are quite noisy by nature, not so discreet, and the carried cameras are in most cases wide angle cameras not really good for taking footage with voyeuristic interest. Not that this could not be done in principle, by selecting particular gear for the video footage, but it is technically far more complicated than it might seem to an inexperienced average person expressing his opinions on the matter. Hopefuly reports like the Local 6 above will not lead to issuing over-restrictive legislation on our nice hobby whose main purpose is to have fun and take some special video from an original perspective.

Check out the original article at clickorlando

Birds successfully attack and take down DJI Phantom quadcopter – Animals and multirotors, the saga continues

After the reports on swarm of bees attacking a quadcopter and the controversial relationships between dogs and quadcopters/multirotors, we now have a clear case of a group of birds partnering to attack and take down a DJI Phantom quadcopter.

This is documented in the video below, by youtube user Buddhanz1, that indeed ends with the crash of the Phantom after a strong hit by a bird from above:

This video contributes to increase our knowledge about the possible animal species – quadcopter/multirotors interactions and relationships. These interactions should be probably taken into consideration on planning drone delivery services such as Amazon Prime Air or the recently announced DHL quadcopter delivery services for urgent goods and medicines. Should researchers who are developing these aerial delivery services consider adding some devices to deter various animal species, including at least dogs and birds, from attacking or approaching the flying machine, in order to provide a secure and undisturbed delivery of the ordered goods? This might well be an important evolutionary step that the present generation of multirotors will have to face in order to be safe from animal attacks.

As a very basic first step, what about some camouflage like the following (just a joke here)?  Might make birds more friendly (hey, it’s one of us..) or more aggressive (hey, a big bird we are not familiar with..). Testing and research required 🙂

Quadcopter bird - Source
Quadcopter bird – Source: snapshot from this video from Shadowstudiosllc

Here’s another interesting example of bird attack on a quadcopter. In this case it looks like the bird had excellent motivations, as the quad was really flying very close and over the bird’s nest. The attack of the bird in this case is just an example of excellent parental care and protection of the brood.

The pilot and maker of the video above recognizes that he was disturbing the birds and states he won’t do this again, which looks like a great idea. Still interesting to see how birds likely perceive multirotors as other, possibly dangerous, big birds, and feel in competition for the control of their aerial space.