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Pilot looses control of big multirotor during a video shooting session in Treviso, Italy

During a planned video session aimed at capturing the “Duomo di Treviso”, the big multirotor starts to drift slowly in a random direction. The pilot, apparently unable to control it through the radio link anymore, likely for a radio interference, first tries to control it manually, but then the situation gets out of control.

A moment of the multirotor crash in Treviso, Italy
A moment of the multirotor crash in Treviso, Italy
Here's the multirotor, a big dodecacopter
Here’s the multirotor, a big dodecacopter

Here you go with the video:

Damages to the drone are estimated at 10.000 euros, while damages to the bar external premises are in the order of 4000 euros.

Sources: YouReporter, Corriere

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Tales of quadcopters and water – A nice article by Eric Cheng on Make Magazine

Make Magazine has published a nice, entertaining and generous article by Eric Cheng on quadcopters flown over water.

Crashes and fly aways are of course part of the story, therefore maybe when doing footage on water environments it could be worth considering a specialized solution such as a a Quad H2O?

Quad H2O - Source
Quad H2O – Source

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Personal Drones crashing on populated areas, a case in NYC

Here’s another pilot that brings a bad reputation to quadcopters and personal drones. This guy thought he could land his DJI Phantom from his little balcony and very fly over Manhattan NYC at high altitude, what a great idea. Amazing and unique footage, however it’s just for chance that nobody got seriously injured. The FAA says it does not allow the flight of UAV over densely populated areas.

Interesting to note that the phantom looks very resistant to the impact on buildings, seems to hit several times and still fly afterwords. Also, it looks like the pilot is somehow controlling the flight, however he was not wearing goggles, so was this a line of sight flight?

The story:

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Here’s the full video, however it looks like the crash moment is missing.