Ecommerce & Drones: What The Future Holds

By Victoria Greene – @vickyecommerce

The ecommerce industry is one area that really stands to benefit from the increased use of drones in our society, especially when it comes to logistical evolution. As drones become easier to control and are given greater levels of autonomy by legislators, their commercial uses will only continue to increase. The future of drones and ecommerce is bright and promising. Here are a few things that we might be able to expect in the years to come, from same-day deliveries across the globe to drone-based photography services.

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Used By Big Businesses

Drones are already used by businesses like Amazon, who plans to have 80-90% of its deliveries fulfilled by drones in future. As the technology becomes more prevalent, more and more businesses are going to start doing the same. Amazon is a huge industry influencer and if it comes up with a new initiative, you can be sure that everyone else will be vying for a slice of the pie. Amazon has the ability to wield its enormous influence and purchase power, but eventually drone delivery should trickle out to smaller retailers and brands too. (It’s predicted that a lot of large businesses will pay for their drones by renting them out).

Drones Powering the Future of Delivery

The more that drones are used, the more convenient home deliveries will be. Consider the following ways in which drones will impact the delivery experience across the globe: Continue reading Ecommerce & Drones: What The Future Holds

Parrot Extends Its Education Offer Worldwide And Builds New Collaborations With Major Players

A press release by Parrot through realwire


  • Launched In 2016 In The US, Parrot Education Is Now Expanding Worldwide With Programs For Primary, Secondary, Higher Education, Field Researchers And Developers.
  • Parrot Strengthens Its Collaborations With Renowned EDU Players

Parrot Education has been created by Parrot to support academic and non-profit institutions to enable the use of drones in classrooms, labs and fields. Launched one year ago in the US, the program today works with more than 400 schools and 50 major universities across North America that use Parrot products as part of their curriculum. Now, the program will expand to make Parrot educational content available worldwide!

Key collaborations with major players

Parrot Education has developed strong collaborations with renowned companies so educators can teach students essential STEM skills, such as mathematics, science, art, physics and coding, and so kids can continue to learn coding at home.

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An history of drones – Infographic

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If you’re on this site, you’re already familiar with the incredible drone revolution going on these days.

Personal drones are becoming more and more popular, their prices are coming down, their technology is getting better and simply put, they become more accessible to more people- that’s why you keep hearing about them all over the place.

Personal drones however, have evolved, like much of our cutting edge technology from a more scary past – a military past. The commercial and consumer drone revolution has both an interesting, a curious and even a more terrifying past – the history of drones is, in fact, extremely interesting.

It’s interesting to read and understand how drones technology has come about and how it has matured over the years – incredibly drones have been evolving for more than two centuries. Quite a lot of different technologies had to come together to eventually enable the current version of drones.

The following Infographic from fully explains the timeline of the historical evolution of drones as it happened through the ages, from the first ever unmanned hot-air balloon flight, to the current usage of personal and commercial drones.

History of drones infographic
History of drones infographic

But let me tease your curiosity with a few questions about the history of drones: Continue reading An history of drones – Infographic