Drones for aerial photography

I am glad to publish the following guest article by Thomas Foster, owner of the Bestquadwithcamera.com blog. Make sure you pay a visit! Also find Thomas on Facebook.


Drones are used in many ways nowadays. Perhaps one of most common uses of drones (at least those with camera) is for aerial photography. This area of photography has been popular for the last hundred years and it is getting even popular with the evolution of drones. Aerial photographers with drones can be either just some quadcopter hobbyists or professional photographers that decided to take some special photograph.

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Hexo+ signs EpicTV Partnership & launch Competition to Win Drone

I am glad to publish the following release from EpicTV



The online action and adventure sports channel, EpicTV has today announced a partnership with HEXO+, the autonomous drone, founded by legendary snowboarder Xavier de Le Rue. It will see the two collaborate on key film projects, shot using HEXO+ drones, on which EpicTV staff will be trained.

The Hexo+ Drone
The Hexo+ Drone

The agreement will also include the launch of a HEXO+ video channel on the EpicTV platform. Content from here will be shared across EpicTV’s global platform, distribution network and social media channels to millions of captive action and adventure fans. Continue reading Hexo+ signs EpicTV Partnership & launch Competition to Win Drone

International drone film festival showcases winning films at London screening

I am glad to publish the following release from Insidercomm



Last night (Thursday 15th October), The Rise of the Drones Film Festival revealed its winners at a screening in front of hundreds of members of the public. The event was arranged by EpicTV – the online action and adventure sports media group – and DJI – the world’s biggest drone manufacturer.


Whilst the night celebrated action sports from across the globe, the evening started with a nod to British talent as London production company Salt Street collected the first award, Best Action, for their film Red Run. Continue reading International drone film festival showcases winning films at London screening


I am glad to publish the following press release by Yuneec on an interesting single handed piloting device for their Typhoon multicopter line.


Handheld mini GPS tracking device provides one-handed flight control for Typhoon series of drones

ONTARIO, CA (October 13, 2015) – Yuneec International, the world leader in electric aviation, today announced the launch of the Typhoon Wizard, an ultra-lightweight remote control that will revolutionize the way multicopters are flown.

The Typhoon Wizard
The Typhoon Wizard

The ultra-lightweight and compact Typhoon Wizard allows users to pilot their Typhoon multicopter with the use of only one hand, making it even easier to capture life’s memories from a bird’s-eye view. Users will benefit from the convenience and portability of the included water-resistant carrying strap, which allows hands-free navigation. For additional convenience, the Typhoon Wizard is compatible with the entire Typhoon series of drones. Continue reading YUNEEC ANNOUNCES LAUNCH OF TYPHOON WIZARD

World’s first handheld wind meter that measures wind speed and wind direction

I am glad to publish the following press release by the Danish company Vaavud.

This device seems very interesting for any multirotor user in order to better assess flight conditions.

Here we go!


The Danish company Vaavud that created the world’s first electronicless wind meter that transforms your smart phone into a high-tech meteorological tool, is now ready to ship their second generation wind meter.

Vaalud wind meter for smartphones
Vaalud wind meter for smartphones

The new Vaavud anemometer called Sleipnir (or Vaavud 2) leverages the company’s proprietary technology, knowledge about wind speed measurement and adds the ability to measure wind direction. The Sleipnir device has an asymmetrical rotor with a sensor that performs 40,000 measurements per second and draws power from your smartphones’ headphone jack. The rotor design means that it will accelerate just as the wind hits the largest area, and then decelerate again. The ultra precise sensor can measure these subtle variations in speed, and compare the point of maximum velocity to the compass direction and thereby give the wind direction. Continue reading World’s first handheld wind meter that measures wind speed and wind direction

Interesting video from BBSRC: Octocopter! Experimental drone for agricultural research

I am glad to share here this great video on an experimental Octocopter for agricultural research.

Credits to BBSRC, check out the original article by Arran Frood. Here’s a short excerpt:


An advanced eight-rotor model dubbed the octocopter (see ‘Flight-al statistics’), has been put through its paces by researchers led by Andrew Riche of Rothamsted Research, an institute devoted to plant, soil and agricultural science that receives strategic funding from UK bioscience funders BBSRC.


Rothamsted is the site of the longest running field experiments in the world, where farm systems and inputs such as fertiliser, pesticides and crop growth have been running for more than a hundred years. In the 21st century, they want to see if drone surveillance can take much of the drudgery and footwork out of these large-scale experiments that span over 200 hectares of picturesque English countryside. As a demonstrator technology, the researchers are embarking on a rigorous programme of regularly recording experiments over five hectares (the size of seven football pitches) to see exactly what this airborne marvel is capable of.

“This year we have focused on monitoring crop height through the season and also crop maturity, says Riche. “Different wheat lines mature at different rates, and we regularly monitor this on the ground – this year we hope to have done it from the air.”


Check out the full article here. All inquiries to Arran Frood, arran.frood@bbsrc.ac.uk

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Calling all Drone enthusiasts: help design ‘safe-to-fly’ app

We are glad to publish the following press release by Newcastle University


Drone enthusiasts are being urged to help design a new ‘safe-to-fly’ app idea, created for flyers to share their favourite sites all over the world. The creators are looking to crowdsource input and opinions to help them progress the idea, with the design stage set to start next month.

A self made quadcopter in search for the right and safe spot to fly
A self made quadcopter in search for the right and safe spot to fly

An increasing number of consumer multirotor aircraft, UAVs or drones are being bought and flown around the world. However, there is some confusion over how and where you can legally fly drones, with both manufacturers and airspace regulators keen to educate people on this issue. Users need to be aware of any prohibitions or local laws; in the UK, for example, you can’t fly over or within 150 metres of congested areas or within 50 metres of people, vehicles or structures of buildings not under your control with a camera drone.

Once it is built, the app will allow flyers to share appropriate and legal sites they have found for flying, wherever they are in the world. This will enable drone users to find easily accessible public right of ways for taking off from, beautiful scenery in open airspace and large, unobstructed areas perfect for flying.

The idea is being hosted on AppMovement.com, a new service released by Newcastle University, which enables anyone to propose, design and develop a mobile application. No previous experience is required in app design, with the site aiming to make the process fun and simple. People can get their friends and fellow enthusiasts involved in supporting the concept and promoting the idea, which is then automatically generated by the AppMovement service and released on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Simon Newton, the creator behind the idea, commented: “The drone app will help hobbyists around the world find safe and legal places to fly, by bringing together the different experiences of drone users. It is important to show the world that we don’t all buzz airports, peep into windows or fly like reckless kids!

“We’ve had great support for the idea so far and the development will be starting soon. However in order to make this free app a success, we need a good user base with plenty of people interacting with the app. This is a great opportunity for drone lovers to be part of the development of an exciting new app, set to enhance the flying experience.”

To take part in the done app’s design phase, you must register your support at https://app-movement.com/8xvy

An overview on the DJI Phantom Plus

I am very glad to publish the following article by Ben Stuart, Webmaster of Ready Quadcopters. Make sure you pay a visit to this beautiful and informative web site by clicking the logo below!

Ready Quadcopters logo


The DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus is a fantastic machine. Whether you are looking to get into photography or just looking to fly something awesome, then this is the machine for you! It’s great for beginners as well as advanced flyers, just make sure you are someplace that won’t hurt anyone.

While this machine is very cool, we highly recommend you start with something smaller like the Hubsan X4 when learning how to orient yourself with a quadcopter. Even if you have flown model airplanes before, this is something completely different. The Hubsan X4 will give you a cheap flying lesson so you don’t have to experiment on your $1200 DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus.


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