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Another great nine minutes of FPV on Ko Samui by Arendatorovnet with the TBS Discovery quadcopter

Here we go with another exciting nine minutes video by Arendatorovnet. The quad appears to be a TBS discovery pro with apparently  standard DJI equipment (ESC, motors, arms).

A video transmitter with a linearly polarized antenna is visible on the front of the quad, whose brand and frequency remains to be identified/disclosed. A we have already discussed here, the tech specifications of the video equipment are a puzzle as the pilot appears to be flying long distances and down roads under loads of electrical cables without loss of the video link.

The video promotes the copter.mobi link for aerial video service. The link actually points to the Arendatorovnet youtube channel, click to check out.

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Team Black Sheep videos

Team Black Sheep earned a reputation for their amazing videos  in urban environments in cities all over the world, mostly taken either with their TBS Discovery FPV quadcopter:

TBS Discovery Pro
TBS Discovery Pro – Source

or with their wing called “the caipirinha”:


TBS Caipirinha
TBS Caipirinha – Source

I found a video on Venice taken with the Discovery that is just outstanding, thought I would share it here. Here you go:

And a couple more…

This is a more recent one in Thailand, taken with the caipirinha: