Pilot looses control of big multirotor during a video shooting session in Treviso, Italy

During a planned video session aimed at capturing the “Duomo di Treviso”, the big multirotor starts to drift slowly in a random direction. The pilot, apparently unable to control it through the radio link anymore, likely for a radio interference, first tries to control it manually, but then the situation gets out of control.

A moment of the multirotor crash in Treviso, Italy
A moment of the multirotor crash in Treviso, Italy
Here's the multirotor, a big dodecacopter
Here’s the multirotor, a big dodecacopter

Here you go with the video:

Damages to the drone are estimated at 10.000 euros, while damages to the bar external premises are in the order of 4000 euros.

Sources: YouReporter, Corriere

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How to create stunning images from drone video with HDRInstant

I am glad to publish the following press release from HDRInstant

Create stunning images from drone video

Have you ever filmed with your drone and wanted to create a great image from your video? Now you can with HDRinstant.

HDRinstant is a program that allows you to transform your drone videos into fantastic looking images. Before our technology, you had to resort to getting still grabs from videos. These were often of poor quality, contained lots of grain and lacked in detail. Now with HDRinstant, you don’t have to settle for poor images. You can create HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) images from your video.

HDR images contain stunning color and high detail and better represent what the human eye can see in a scene. Not only can you get fantastic aerial views with your drone but you can turn them into something truly amazing with the software. Simply choose your favorite moment in the video and let your creativity flow by making an HDR image from it. You can choose your own settings to create something natural or surreal.

HDRinstant works by using image stacking and morphing technology. Watch this short video of what it can do

The software lets you start with this:

And transforms it into this:

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Some multirotors and drones models at the RomaDrone Expo in Rome 24-25 May 2014

I recently attended the RomaDrone Expo in Rome, Italy and would like to share some of the models exposed. The expo was very much oriented at the professional market. Models were mainly big multirotors with high payloads, to lift DSLR cameras, and some “wings” models for mapping. This is not a comprehensive overview, just some models that attracted my attention.

Click on the pictures to see the full size versions.

IDS Colibri

Web: https://www.idscorporation.com/fr/drones/ids-drones/item/121-ia-3-colibr%C3%AC

IDS Colibri, full view
IDS Colibri, full view

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Woman claims drone sexually harassed her at the beach

This had to happen sooner or later, and we’ll probably see more and more of this in the future. Spying on undressed woman, a typical activity of (some) man all over the world, now raises to a new dimension thanks for personal drones.

"A la plage" by Gray Malin
“A la plage” by Gray Malin

In a post on Reddit describing the incident earlier this week, the woman wrote she was relaxing at the beach with her mother when she heard a whirring noise and noticed a remote-controlled aircraft nearby. She resumed napping.

The woman then noticed the drone was flying very close to female beach-goers and had a camera attached to it, according to her Reddit post. After the device hovered close to her and her mother, the woman said she located the men controlling it and approached them. She told them the device was “seriously creepy.” One responded, “It isn’t going to hurt you,” according to her Reddit post.”

Source: SFGate