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10 Effective ways to make your drone footage more natural

By John O. Brooks

Drone Footage have become famous and popular on the internet nowadays. It’s very normal to see the footage from all over the world whilst more and more people entering the world of drones. Drones are affordable and accessible these days and nearly anyone can be able to manage to fly one.

However, flying a drone is one thing while shooting good quality footage with it is completely a different thing.

To impress your viewers with your Drone Shots, your shooting should be on a top level. After watching your Drone Footage, it becomes clear in your viewer’s eyes in seconds whether you actually know what you are doing or not. There is no doubt that using a Drone needs enough practice and some skills and planning to
make the best out of it. The more you practice flying your Drone, the more you become better on it.
So, here I am sharing with you a bunch of tips that will hopefully help you to make your drone footage more natural and realistic.

1. Plan your entire shot

You should always plan your shot before starting to fly. What do you want to get from the video, or which angle you are going to capture, everything should be planned. I know it is very tough work to plan everything from the ground as you don’t get the whole picture from the above but trust me, at least trying to have some ideas about your path and lines helps you to get better footage. Picture your
expected movements in your head and start practicing them. It’s impossible to get that flawless and perfect view, but by practicing them you can have a nice, smooth and steady result in the end.

phantom drone Continue reading 10 Effective ways to make your drone footage more natural

Buying a drone: how cheap should you go?

By Paul Archer,

Considering the range of prices for a drone these days, the decision is sometimes as hard as buying a car.

However, quadcopters can also get cheap and still deliver what you’re looking for at most. Here’s a list of the best drones under $200 where you can learn more about potential choices.

Just as with most technology equipment, after a certain price, the additional functions get more expensive and become more of a gimmick than real useful things.

This is why we’re going to do an overview on what are the most important aspects you should look for in a drone. Continue reading Buying a drone: how cheap should you go?

Top Drones with Cameras for Beginners

We are glad to publish the following informative guest article by Admir Tulic from dronepedia which may help beginner drone pilots to select a quality camera drone to get started with the hobby.


By Admir Tulic

Getting started with aerial photography has never been easier and there are drones to fit every budget. Many drones that are currently available feature 4k video recording, and 3-axis gimbal stabilization. When you look for a drone, you will notice a significant range of prices, and in general, you will get what you pay for.


 Every drone is going to have different capabilities, and these specs are going to make a big difference when it comes to the price of your drone. Lets have a look at what is available, and you can decide what is important to you.

Sky Viper Video Drone
The Sky Viper Video Drone

Continue reading Top Drones with Cameras for Beginners

Best tips to buy a new drone

I am glad to publish the following guest post by Tushar Grover, webmaster of the MiniDroneReview web site, which addresses some basic considerations to be made while selecting a drone model to buy.


By Tushar Grover

As we move forward in this fast paced technology innovation era where lots of new gadgets are being developed and build from scratch in front of our eyes, drones technology has not being left behind in the race of powerful R&D, which have led to innovation of some powerful drones equipped with best technology that are being used in various work industries and by common people too for betterment of our society.

different drone models

So come on folks let’s take a look at some of the tips which you must keep in mind while on a lookout for new drone to get a good drone buying experience with awesome drone to fulfil your desire to fly a great drone . Continue reading Best tips to buy a new drone

Everything you need to know about FPV flying

Thank you to David Gonzalez, founder of, for contributing this nice article that covers the basics of FPV flying. Enjoy the read!


By David Gonzalez

FPV flying is arguably the most exciting part of owning a drone. Imagine being able to see what your drone is seeing in real time- that’s the magic of FPV flight. In this article, we’re going to talk about what FPV flying is, the rules you’ll need to follow, and how you can get started.

FPV Flying – Overview

So, what does the acronym “FPV” even mean? It stands for First Person View, which basically means that you get to see exactly what your drone’s camera is seeing, without lag. Flying this way is a lot of fun, and allows you to fly your drone further and more aggressively than you normally would. FPV technology is pretty much the heart and soul of drone racing, a revolutionary sport that’s taking the world by storm. Continue reading Everything you need to know about FPV flying

10 Drone Accessories That Will Make Your Flying Life Much Easier

All you really need to fly is a drone and an RC remote. However, experience teaches that there are a number of accessories that will make your life as a drone pilot much easier and more enjoyable. This is the topic of the following article by Michael Karp. Make sure you visit Michael’s  Drone Business Marketer blog for more great info on drones!


By Michael Karp

Drones are amazing feats of technology in and of themselves, but it’s the different accessories and add-ons that can really enhance your flights.

In this article, I’m going to break down 10 accessories that can make your flying life a lot easier.

Let’s get to it:

1. Propeller Guards


You can get propeller guards for beginner RC drones all the way up to advanced models. They’re are one of the most convenient types of accessories to have. Continue reading 10 Drone Accessories That Will Make Your Flying Life Much Easier

How to Choose Between Different Camera Drones

With so many available models and an increasingly expanding market, knowing what to look for in order to select the best drone model for you can indeed be challenging.

This nice article by our regular contributor Michael Karp could be very helpful in making an informed decision. Also make sure you check out Michael’s  Drone Business Marketer blog for more great info on dronesHere we go!


By Michael Karp

The camera drone market is saturated with options. No matter what application you need it for, you likely have many different choices to choose from.

This can leave many pilots in a bind. How do you choose between this drone with a camera or that one?

In this article, I’m going to break down some distinguishing factors that can help you make different purchasing decisions based on your needs.

3D Robotics Iris+ drone
3D Robotics Iris+ drone

Let’s get to it:

Price-to-Features Ratio

The first overall metric you want to look at is the price-to-features ratio. This ratio simply tells you how many features (and what quality of features) you’re getting for the price. Continue reading How to Choose Between Different Camera Drones

Top 5 Mistakes Made by Drone Pilots

While flying or even just handling a drone, a mistake can lead to quite serious consequences.

For this reason I suggest you read with care this insightful article by Aaron Colley, owner of getadrone, as it could save you time, money and some serious trouble in the future. Thank you Aaron for this great contribution!


by Aaron Colley

It goes without saying that jumping into the expansive and complex world of drones, is no easy task. For novices, the drone world can be overwhelmingly complicated, and at times seem impossible to figure out. With that said, we can all agree that it’s highly probable that mistakes will be made, it’s just a matter of “when” and not “If”. So that’s why we’ve decided it would be a great idea to expose the top 5 mistakes made by drone pilots, and hopefully prevent anyone else from making the mistakes themselves.

Mistake #1

Over Estimating Your Flying Skills

A drone that crashed during a flight
A drone that crashed during a flight

One of the most common mistakes for both beginners and advanced pilots alike, is overestimating their own piloting ability. For beginners, the case is usually moving onto bigger more expensive drones far too quickly. They figure if they can fly their micro drone in the bedroom without injuring their pet cat, naturally it must be time to buy an Inspire Pro and fly over New York City! No, please DO NOT do this! This has led to so many accidents, fly-always, and horrifying stories. Take your time when starting out, starting from a micro drone, move to a smaller toy drone, then to cheap camera drone, then maybe to a phantom, and possibly after a year or so flying the Phantom you can progress to something a little larger and more expensive. This will help you avoid a ton of headaches, believe me, you’ll thank us later. Continue reading Top 5 Mistakes Made by Drone Pilots

Should I buy a drone as a christmas gift for my kids?

Thank you to Ante Tatarović, owner of  Dronesglobe, a nice website about drones you should really pay a visit to, for providing this insightful article with many interesting aspects to consider on the topic of buying drones for kids. 


With the holiday season being just around the corner, many parents are coming up with the perfect gift for their little ones. In the sea of awesome new toys that have hit the market in recent times, there are some of them that your kids will appreciate more than others. I am, of course, talking about drones here. The newly hyped tech gadgets that have found their place in millions of homes worldwide. Along with hoverboards, they are this summer’s tech trend and considering the fact that youngsters are rather influenced by trends, there’s a high chance your little ones most likely secretly wish for one as their Christmas gift…


How to find the best drone for my kid?

It may not seem so at first, but drone shopping can turn into a really frustrating scenario. Continue reading Should I buy a drone as a christmas gift for my kids?

9 ways to improve your drone pilot skills

I am glad to publish the following guest post by Michael Karp on “9 ways to improve your drone pilot skills”.


Piloting a drone is one of the funnest things ever.

There’s nothing quite like controlling a flying piece of technology and having it respond at will.


And with the amount of societal applications available, drones have more meaning in our everyday lives than any consumer remote control vehicle before them.

But for many aspiring pilots, getting their flying skills up to par is a continuous challenge. They struggle with landing, avoiding obstacles, flying safely, and a mountain of other hurdles.

So in this article, I’m going to show you nine ways you can improve your drone pilot skills. Continue reading 9 ways to improve your drone pilot skills