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Wide angle mod for Hubsan 4x H107D FPV – For a better FPV experience

The Hubsan H107D FPV is quite close to my ideal personal drone: small, with embedded video transmitter and camera and good flying performance.

The Hubsan H107D FPV quadcopter with it's radio
The Hubsan H107D FPV quadcopter with it’s radio

At least some channels ar compatible with FatShark equipment, so it is possible to fly it FPV with just a pair of FatShark goggles. It is also possible to fly it FPV right from the hubsan radio, which comes with a generous screen that gets the video feed live.

Well, it’s not the Black Hornet PD-100, no GPS, no 20+ minutes flight time, video range limited to 100 meters or so according to manufacturer. However for the price (150-250$ depending on the source), it is just an amazing little personal drone. Continue reading Wide angle mod for Hubsan 4x H107D FPV – For a better FPV experience

Do the walkera ladybird propellers fit the hubsan h107?

Short answer is that the walkera qr ladybird propellers fit the hubsan h107 nicely. Obviously there are some differences with the original hubsan propellers, in particular the ones for hubsan h107 V2. While the original V2 propellers are built so that they entirely cover the motor “pin” when inserted, the ladybird propellers leave a 1-1,5 mm “naked” gap between the propeller and the motor itself, as it happens, by the way, with hubsan V1 propellers, as shown by this snapshot from the banggood web site:



Anyway, the hubsan h107, in my hands, flies nicely with the walkera ladybird propellers.

Don’t they look like little brothers in this stop at the gas station?


Hubsan H107C sample footage

What can you expect on taking footage with the Hubsan H107C mini quadcopter with onboard camera? This video contains a couple of minutes of footage in a light breeze condition. This is just a first test fly, however there is some potential here, maybe when less windy.

It is amazing that such a small system that stays in the palm of on hand can produce such interesting results. With the radio controller, everything can be carried in a small bag ready to use everywhere. Lots of fun. Video quality very poor.

Stay tuned for more!

Soundtrack: Pavel Tukki: “Diku”