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A drone that flies (almost) like a bird

A drone developed by the Dario Floreano’s team in the Laboratory of Intelligent systems in the EPLF (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) in Switzerland is geared toward flying more like a bird than like small helicopters, as most available multirotors currently do.

This should allow a much greater tolerance to challenging environmental flight conditions.

For more information check full story on the EPFL website here and the video below.

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The five most unusual uses for drones

Most users will use drones to have fun flying and maybe for capturing some aerial photos and videos. However there is much more to it, as reported in this article about five unusual drone uses by Adam James from The Drone Worx. Enjoy the read and the nice videos!


By Adam James

In the past two years, the rise of hobby and personal use drones has risen dramatically. They are now considered a mainstream gadget. But us hobbyists aren’t the only people coming up with exciting uses for drones. In fact, a study by Drones Direct found that the top business sectors using drones were trades & manufacturing.

Flying drone
Flying Drone – Photo by Richard Unten, Flickr Creative Commons

But what are the most exciting applications for drones, and what could they be used for in the future?

Here, The Drone Worx, look at five of the most unique uses for drones out there. Continue reading The five most unusual uses for drones

Drone makes unique underground footage in Amsterdam

I am glad to publish the following post by Duco Vaillant
Webmaster and Community manager, Dienst Metro


For the first time a drone has flown through (part of) the 9.7 km long Noord/Zuidlijn, a new underground North/South subway line that is now under construction in Amsterdam.

The drone, fitted with an HD-camera, flies from the north of Amsterdam under the river IJ, the Central Station and the historic center of Amsterdam.

Underground Drone mission in Amsterdam Metro
Foto Dienst Metro – City of Amsterdam: a drone in the North/South metro tunnel

Continue reading Drone makes unique underground footage in Amsterdam

Interesting thermal video with the Optris PI450 Camera for Drones and UAV’s

The Optiris PI450 camera, with it’s 320 gr of weight including lens, is perfectly suitable for video thermography with drones.

A screenshot of the video below, taken with an  Optris PI450 from a drone
A screenshot of the video below, taken with an Optris PI450 from a drone

Here are some technical specifications, and a very interesting video taken from a drone, that shows how an house can look like in thermal imaging. Continue reading Interesting thermal video with the Optris PI450 Camera for Drones and UAV’s

How to build a Mobee micro drone (not really easy to DIY)

Check out the construction process of the Harvard Monolithic Bee (Mobee), it’s fascinating.

A step in building a Mobee
A step in building a Mobee

Unfortunately not really something you can build at home. Nor can you buy it at a local shop. Oh well…

Harward's Mobee drone
Harward’s Mobee drone

“Such bee-sized flying robots have low material costs and could be made in large numbers, and their small size lets them maneuver in confined spaces, Fuller said. They could have a lot of applications in remote sensing and in search and rescue operations, and could also act as “robobees” in assisted agriculture, pollinating flowers and fighting pests, Fuller said.

The researchers are working in parallel on the many different technological advances required to make these fly-sized robots fully autonomous and wireless. For example, they are working on providing it with a lightweight onboard processor, and a small, high-energy power source so that it is no longer tethered by wires.

They are also working on making the vehicles faster to produce and more durable. At the moment, it takes several days to make each robotic fly, and each vehicle can only fly for a matter of minutes before it has to be discarded. “We’re talking five to ten years before some sort of commercialization,” Fuller said.” – Source

Here you go with the video: