Everything you need to know about FPV flying

Thank you to David Gonzalez, founder of SkilledFlyer.com, for contributing this nice article that covers the basics of FPV flying. Enjoy the read!


By David Gonzalez

FPV flying is arguably the most exciting part of owning a drone. Imagine being able to see what your drone is seeing in real time- that’s the magic of FPV flight. In this article, we’re going to talk about what FPV flying is, the rules you’ll need to follow, and how you can get started.

FPV Flying – Overview

So, what does the acronym “FPV” even mean? It stands for First Person View, which basically means that you get to see exactly what your drone’s camera is seeing, without lag. Flying this way is a lot of fun, and allows you to fly your drone further and more aggressively than you normally would. FPV technology is pretty much the heart and soul of drone racing, a revolutionary sport that’s taking the world by storm. Continue reading Everything you need to know about FPV flying

A drone that flies (almost) like a bird

A drone developed by the Dario Floreano’s team in the Laboratory of Intelligent systems in the EPLF (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) in Switzerland is geared toward flying more like a bird than like small helicopters, as most available multirotors currently do.

This should allow a much greater tolerance to challenging environmental flight conditions.

For more information check full story on the EPFL website here and the video below.

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SPH Engineering releases UgCS software update 2.10

Riga – December 15, 2016 – SPH Engineering’s latest update to UgCS mission planning software for drones brings improvements to features, user interface ergonomics and a new affordable licence type for UAV professionals.

Added support for PX4, DJI Matrice 600 and DJI A3 autopilot, expanding the already wide base of UgCS supported drones.

The UgCS version 2.10 features many changes, one of the biggest is automatic route calculation in the background as you draw it. Once the route is created – just upload it to the drone and it is ready to fly. Continue reading SPH Engineering releases UgCS software update 2.10

The five most unusual uses for drones

Most users will use drones to have fun flying and maybe for capturing some aerial photos and videos. However there is much more to it, as reported in this article about five unusual drone uses by Adam James from The Drone Worx. Enjoy the read and the nice videos!


By Adam James

In the past two years, the rise of hobby and personal use drones has risen dramatically. They are now considered a mainstream gadget. But us hobbyists aren’t the only people coming up with exciting uses for drones. In fact, a study by Drones Direct found that the top business sectors using drones were trades & manufacturing.

Flying drone
Flying Drone – Photo by Richard Unten, Flickr Creative Commons

But what are the most exciting applications for drones, and what could they be used for in the future?

Here, The Drone Worx, look at five of the most unique uses for drones out there. Continue reading The five most unusual uses for drones

Yuneec Releases Breeze First-Person View Controller for Immersive Flying Experience

Breeze First-Person View Controller Enhances Flying Accuracy and Turns Smart Device into Display Screen

ONTARIO, Calif. (December 6, 2016) — Yuneec International, the world leader in electric aviation, today announced the availability of its all-new Breeze First-Person View Controller, creating a new means to pilot the ultimate flying camera. The Breeze FPV Controller is now available at a suggested retail price of $69.99.


The Breeze FPV Controller provides pilots with an enhanced flying experience. The portable game controller connects to the users smart device via Bluetooth and enables users to accurately control Breeze with physical joysticks and buttons. It is compatible with the Breeze Cam mobile application on iOS (8.0 and above) and Android (4.4 and above) devices, giving pilots the ability to operate with joysticks, while the smart device is turned into the display screen held by the headset for a first-person perspective via the Breeze onboard 4K camera. The upgraded piloting set up creates an immersive and uninterrupted flight experience. The Breeze FPV Controller features two view modes: FPV Mode and Normal Mode. Pilots can view images through the FPV Goggles or from their smart devise placed on the controller. Continue reading Yuneec Releases Breeze First-Person View Controller for Immersive Flying Experience

10 Drone Accessories That Will Make Your Flying Life Much Easier

All you really need to fly is a drone and an RC remote. However, experience teaches that there are a number of accessories that will make your life as a drone pilot much easier and more enjoyable. This is the topic of the following article by Michael Karp. Make sure you visit Michael’s  Drone Business Marketer blog for more great info on drones!


By Michael Karp

Drones are amazing feats of technology in and of themselves, but it’s the different accessories and add-ons that can really enhance your flights.

In this article, I’m going to break down 10 accessories that can make your flying life a lot easier.

Let’s get to it:

1. Propeller Guards


You can get propeller guards for beginner RC drones all the way up to advanced models. They’re are one of the most convenient types of accessories to have. Continue reading 10 Drone Accessories That Will Make Your Flying Life Much Easier

How to Choose Between Different Camera Drones

With so many available models and an increasingly expanding market, knowing what to look for in order to select the best drone model for you can indeed be challenging.

This nice article by our regular contributor Michael Karp could be very helpful in making an informed decision. Also make sure you check out Michael’s  Drone Business Marketer blog for more great info on dronesHere we go!


By Michael Karp

The camera drone market is saturated with options. No matter what application you need it for, you likely have many different choices to choose from.

This can leave many pilots in a bind. How do you choose between this drone with a camera or that one?

In this article, I’m going to break down some distinguishing factors that can help you make different purchasing decisions based on your needs.

3D Robotics Iris+ drone
3D Robotics Iris+ drone

Let’s get to it:

Price-to-Features Ratio

The first overall metric you want to look at is the price-to-features ratio. This ratio simply tells you how many features (and what quality of features) you’re getting for the price. Continue reading How to Choose Between Different Camera Drones

Top 5 Mistakes Made by Drone Pilots

While flying or even just handling a drone, a mistake can lead to quite serious consequences.

For this reason I suggest you read with care this insightful article by Aaron Colley, owner of getadrone, as it could save you time, money and some serious trouble in the future. Thank you Aaron for this great contribution!


by Aaron Colley

It goes without saying that jumping into the expansive and complex world of drones, is no easy task. For novices, the drone world can be overwhelmingly complicated, and at times seem impossible to figure out. With that said, we can all agree that it’s highly probable that mistakes will be made, it’s just a matter of “when” and not “If”. So that’s why we’ve decided it would be a great idea to expose the top 5 mistakes made by drone pilots, and hopefully prevent anyone else from making the mistakes themselves.

Mistake #1

Over Estimating Your Flying Skills

A drone that crashed during a flight
A drone that crashed during a flight

One of the most common mistakes for both beginners and advanced pilots alike, is overestimating their own piloting ability. For beginners, the case is usually moving onto bigger more expensive drones far too quickly. They figure if they can fly their micro drone in the bedroom without injuring their pet cat, naturally it must be time to buy an Inspire Pro and fly over New York City! No, please DO NOT do this! This has led to so many accidents, fly-always, and horrifying stories. Take your time when starting out, starting from a micro drone, move to a smaller toy drone, then to cheap camera drone, then maybe to a phantom, and possibly after a year or so flying the Phantom you can progress to something a little larger and more expensive. This will help you avoid a ton of headaches, believe me, you’ll thank us later. Continue reading Top 5 Mistakes Made by Drone Pilots

7 Small Drones That Are Perfect for Flying Indoors

It’s great to get out and fly your drone in a nice location. However there are times in which it would be great to be able practice your flying skills, or just have fun, without leaving your home. So this Michael Karp’s post on a selection of small drones for indoor flying is indeed of great interest. Thank you Michael for the great job!


By Michael Karp

Not all drones are created equal.

Some are meant for aerial photography, surveying, search and rescue, racing, and much more.

But most of those drones aren’t meant for one thing: Flying indoors.

They’re usually too big and bulky, so when the weather isn’t cooperating, what are you supposed to do?

In this article, I’m going to break down seven small drones that are excellent indoor flyers. And despite their size, many of them have some surprisingly advanced features.

Let’s get to it!



The Night Lions Tech X800S is ultra small. It can almost fit in the palm of your hand. Continue reading 7 Small Drones That Are Perfect for Flying Indoors

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