Are quadcopters and multirotors about to become obsolete? Meet the robot dragonfly

Quadcopters and multirotors are becoming devices affordable for anyone, to take aerial video and photographs or just to experience the adrenaline burst that comes from controlling the aerial evolutions of these flying machines.

A new generation of flying machines is at the doorstep. Meet the Dragonfly.

All images were taken from the dragonfly project web site 





Robot Dragonfly
Robot Dragonfly

Here are some specs from the Robot Dragonfly project web site


Please note: Hybrid flight time: 25-30 minutes. This thing can hover like a quadcopter and glide like a plane.

Silent. This is a big difference with quacopters and multirotors and opens for different fields of application.

Onboard high resolution cameras and GPS.

A game changer by all means. According to the website, we could start to see some on those on the market within a few months, possibly starting from november-december 2013, based on the fact that release of the kits to distributors is scheduled for october 2013.

Here are some dragonfly videos:

2 thoughts on “Are quadcopters and multirotors about to become obsolete? Meet the robot dragonfly”

    1. ??? Is is real or not?
      Yes, looks to be very cool (a understatement). However, as I watched the video (and it may be dated).. But I saw way to many CGI demos. Very little video of the “real thing”. Why would you (they) show it leaving a human’s hand and fly off; ONLY IN ANIMATION? If it’s supposed to be able to fly effortlessly indoors.. well.. let’s see it. I don’t think I can get behind this because it smells like it isn’t “there yet”. I need to see the real thing. Not a CGI representations. You could have filmed the actual flight in minutes. Yet they decided to spend hours doing a computer simulation. Something doesn’t smell right with all do respect.

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