Drone Life launches the Drone Configurator

Drone life has now launched the drone configurator, that allows to locate the ideal drone on the market based on a number of requirements. Here are a few words about this new tool, from Drone Life:

“Commercial drones are gaining in popularity every day. As more people understand the infinite possibilities this new technology presents, the demand for accessible drone hardware, software and services will increase exponentially.
In order to help consumers find the right drone, Dronelife has created the first drone product configurator!

Whatever your needs, whatever your budget, we want to connect you with the aerial system that fits your particular personal or professional needs.

The new tool is accessible by clicking on the Products tab on Dronelife.com or by going to droneconfigurator.com.

If you know the drone you are looking for, you can easily find it by sorting our database by manufacturer.”

Here’s what the tool looks like right now, click on the image to go to the web site:

Drone configurator interface, by Drone Life
Drone configurator interface, by Drone Life

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