How to create stunning images from drone video with HDRInstant

I am glad to publish the following press release from HDRInstant

Create stunning images from drone video

Have you ever filmed with your drone and wanted to create a great image from your video? Now you can with HDRinstant.

HDRinstant is a program that allows you to transform your drone videos into fantastic looking images. Before our technology, you had to resort to getting still grabs from videos. These were often of poor quality, contained lots of grain and lacked in detail. Now with HDRinstant, you don’t have to settle for poor images. You can create HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) images from your video.

HDR images contain stunning color and high detail and better represent what the human eye can see in a scene. Not only can you get fantastic aerial views with your drone but you can turn them into something truly amazing with the software. Simply choose your favorite moment in the video and let your creativity flow by making an HDR image from it. You can choose your own settings to create something natural or surreal.

HDRinstant works by using image stacking and morphing technology. Watch this short video of what it can do

The software lets you start with this:

And transforms it into this:

This image is actually comprised of 24 images that have been overlayed onto of each other to improve details. The software then morphs these images to eliminate movement and motion blur. The final stage requires what’s called “tone-mapping” to allow for a better display of colors and lighting. These settings are free to change. You create the image that you want.

HDRinstant also allows you to improve images. This particular one was taken at sunset.

Before HDRinstant:

After HDRinstant:

HDRinstant beta is a standalone program for Windows and Mac and is currently available free of charge. Version 1 will be available for $89(US) including at least one year of upgrades but if you pre- order, you will be able to take advantage of our offer – HDRinstant for $49(US).

For more information or to download the software, visit

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