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  1. Hi, Nice website. I got a question if you know.
    I plan to FPV with a Hoten X (I just ordered)
    + a Devo 7 TX
    + FPVHOBBY.COM VTX (50mW 1.3Ghz) and VRX
    + 808#16V2D cam.
    I got the Devo 7 with a Ladybird. Do you know if the Devo 7 output HF power can be increased loke that of Devo7E?
    The Devo 7 board is different than the Devo 7E board but there is the same square shield on the HF circuit.


    1. Hello Jean, thanks for your post. My understanding is that if your DEVO7 has the option to boost the signal to +20 in the AMPLI menu, which is under the MODEL section of main menu, then you have the 100mw version (and you can select +20). If not, you have to 10mw version. If you did not see it, I suggest you have a look at this video by Tom Zadar and the discussion on the page. Apparently if you have the 10mw version, the software will not let you upgrade to 100mw by loading the 100mw firmware.

      This is the video:


      Or maybe you are referring to the hardware mod for DEVO7E?


      Unfortunately I don’t know if this applies to DEVO7 aswell.

      Best – PD

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