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Unannounced appearance of mapping drone delays 10 flights at Beijing airport – 4 drone operators detained by police

On December 29, 2013, the flight of an UAV drone was detected over the International Airport of Beijing at 11:00 AM. The drone, an RC model airplane equipped with video camera, was flying at 100 Km/h.

An RC model plane. For illustration purposes only. Kindly shared on Flickr Creative Commons by www.expeditionarguk.com
An RC model plane with camera. Kindly shared on Flickr Creative Commons by www.expeditionarguk.com – For illustration purposes only

An helicopter was sent to intercept the UAV, which tuned out to be a drone owned by a local company that was performing mapping operations of the airport. Although the operation was legal, the flight of the UAV was done without the proper authorizations and without warning the airport operators. Hence the alarm when the drone was spotted flying over the airport.

The departure of 10 civilian flights was delayed because of this accident.

The 4 man operating the drone are detained by the local police and have been charged with “endangering public security” and “seriously interrupting flight order”.

Source: Suasnews