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World’s first handheld wind meter that measures wind speed and wind direction

I am glad to publish the following press release by the Danish company Vaavud.

This device seems very interesting for any multirotor user in order to better assess flight conditions.

Here we go!


The Danish company Vaavud that created the world’s first electronicless wind meter that transforms your smart phone into a high-tech meteorological tool, is now ready to ship their second generation wind meter.

Vaalud wind meter for smartphones
Vaalud wind meter for smartphones

The new Vaavud anemometer called Sleipnir (or Vaavud 2) leverages the company’s proprietary technology, knowledge about wind speed measurement and adds the ability to measure wind direction. The Sleipnir device has an asymmetrical rotor with a sensor that performs 40,000 measurements per second and draws power from your smartphones’ headphone jack. The rotor design means that it will accelerate just as the wind hits the largest area, and then decelerate again. The ultra precise sensor can measure these subtle variations in speed, and compare the point of maximum velocity to the compass direction and thereby give the wind direction. Continue reading World’s first handheld wind meter that measures wind speed and wind direction

Calling all Drone enthusiasts: help design ‘safe-to-fly’ app

We are glad to publish the following press release by Newcastle University


Drone enthusiasts are being urged to help design a new ‘safe-to-fly’ app idea, created for flyers to share their favourite sites all over the world. The creators are looking to crowdsource input and opinions to help them progress the idea, with the design stage set to start next month.

A self made quadcopter in search for the right and safe spot to fly
A self made quadcopter in search for the right and safe spot to fly

An increasing number of consumer multirotor aircraft, UAVs or drones are being bought and flown around the world. However, there is some confusion over how and where you can legally fly drones, with both manufacturers and airspace regulators keen to educate people on this issue. Users need to be aware of any prohibitions or local laws; in the UK, for example, you can’t fly over or within 150 metres of congested areas or within 50 metres of people, vehicles or structures of buildings not under your control with a camera drone.

Once it is built, the app will allow flyers to share appropriate and legal sites they have found for flying, wherever they are in the world. This will enable drone users to find easily accessible public right of ways for taking off from, beautiful scenery in open airspace and large, unobstructed areas perfect for flying.

The idea is being hosted on AppMovement.com, a new service released by Newcastle University, which enables anyone to propose, design and develop a mobile application. No previous experience is required in app design, with the site aiming to make the process fun and simple. People can get their friends and fellow enthusiasts involved in supporting the concept and promoting the idea, which is then automatically generated by the AppMovement service and released on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Simon Newton, the creator behind the idea, commented: “The drone app will help hobbyists around the world find safe and legal places to fly, by bringing together the different experiences of drone users. It is important to show the world that we don’t all buzz airports, peep into windows or fly like reckless kids!

“We’ve had great support for the idea so far and the development will be starting soon. However in order to make this free app a success, we need a good user base with plenty of people interacting with the app. This is a great opportunity for drone lovers to be part of the development of an exciting new app, set to enhance the flying experience.”

To take part in the done app’s design phase, you must register your support at https://app-movement.com/8xvy