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Swarm of bees attacks quadcopter – Animals and multirotors, a complex relationship

We have been discussing in a recent post the “controversial” relationship between dogs and quadcopters.

I came across a special video that documents the interaction of quadcopters with another species, the honeybee:

Honey Bee - Source
Honey Bee – Source

In the following video a big swarm of bees repeatedly attacks a quadcopter during a flight. What triggered the reaction? Possibly the quadcopter casually encountered the swarm and the blades caused some casualties that were not appreciated by the bees. The bees attack the quad twice. After a moment in which they seem to be gone, back they are with full force.

As user MsMzphit commented on youtube, this is un-bee-lievable!

With the exponential diffusion of quadcopters and other personal drones, we’ll probably witness more quadcopter-animal interactions in the future. We’ll keep an eye on those as they are also part of the game.