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Woman claims drone sexually harassed her at the beach

This had to happen sooner or later, and we’ll probably see more and more of this in the future. Spying on undressed woman, a typical activity of (some) man all over the world, now raises to a new dimension thanks for personal drones.

"A la plage" by Gray Malin
“A la plage” by Gray Malin

In a post on Reddit describing the incident earlier this week, the woman wrote she was relaxing at the beach with her mother when she heard a whirring noise and noticed a remote-controlled aircraft nearby. She resumed napping.

The woman then noticed the drone was flying very close to female beach-goers and had a camera attached to it, according to her Reddit post. After the device hovered close to her and her mother, the woman said she located the men controlling it and approached them. She told them the device was “seriously creepy.” One responded, “It isn’t going to hurt you,” according to her Reddit post.”

Source: SFGate