Walkera Hoten-X with 808 #16 Camera

So far we have been experimenting a bit with the most small devices, Hubsan H107C and Walkera Ladybird or Spacewalker with a normal 808 camera onboard. The video we could capture with those, is basically poor. This is because the quadricopters are very small, lightweight and wind sensitive. This makes the video inherently shaky. The relatively low quality of the cameras does not really help to get a great result.

Those are still valid devices maybe in situations in which a bigger drone would attract unwanted attention, and the event to be captured is still worth the poor quality, maybe because it is interesting for other reasons anyway, as it happens for so many videos we see on youtube.

Anyway, as a next step I took of the DEVO-4 FPV camera off my brushed Hoten-X quadcopter and I built a little sorbothane basis to attach a 808 #16 camera with a velcro strap.  Since the lens of the camera was nearly to the floor after mount, some foam was added to skids to gain some free space under the camera. See the picture gallery.

The resulting video is a net improvement over the previously captured footage. Stability is much better, no traces of Jello effect, possibly thanks to the sorbothane mount and the mount for the DEVO-4 with little rubber foots that I left in place.

2 thoughts on “Walkera Hoten-X with 808 #16 Camera”

  1. Thank you Bo, I had seen some other videos with the GoPro on the Hoten-X and the conclusion I came to is the one you mention in your video: it is borderline and the poor Hoten-X cannot really take some serious altitude or fly reliably with the gopro.

    For the GoPro, I will need to use my IFly4S, as soon as I have some time to set it up seriously for it’s first outdoor flight.

    Everyone now have a look at Bo’s videos on youtube, a source of great inspiration:



    Cheers – pd

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