Gofor: Drones on demand for a variety of tasks and services

The Gofor company now provides a number of  personal services based on drones, that range from taking selfies to personal security. You can check the nearest Gofor drone on a map on a mobile phone app, get an ETA estimate and “rent” the drone for a particular service.

A screenshot of the Gofor drone calling app

How this service will deal with current regulations in different areas such as flight permission and privacy issues, remains to be seen. All looks very easy in the promotional videos.

From the Gofor site:

“Gofor provides drones on demand. Using our mobile app, you can task a drone to complete a variety of helpful tasks. “Uber, for drones”. Drones are summoned much like taxis in other popular service apps. Your desired task is either noted at the outset using presets, or customized using voice commands. Once the drone arrives, your phone’s flashlight is used to pair your device with the drone. From there, it depends on the task, the object-based UI is very easy to understand.

Users of apps like Uber or Lyft will be familiar with the map-based dispatch interface. Drones in the vicinity appear over the map, and an approximate ETA is shown depending on the requested task.
Drones can be requested to perform one of five preset task assignments. From location scouting to home security, Gofor adds an entirely new layer of service to the consumer drone market.”

An some behind the scenes in this video:

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