New version of the Volocopter from e-volo – The first Manned multirotor flight device

We have probably all seen the original volocopter video that totalized more than 8 million visits (!!) on youtube since it was uploaded on October 28, 2011.

Volocopter: 18-propeller electric helicopter takes flight

Volocopter from e-voloVolocopter from e-volo

Here’s the October 2011 video:

Since then, also thanks to a huge crowdfunding effort, e-volo now presents a prototype the first battery powered manned multirotor. The cockpit is reminiscent of helicopters but the flying mechanism is exquisitely multirotor based.

Here are a few pictures of the new volocopter, from the e-volo website.

The new manned volocopter from e-volo
The new manned volocopter from e-volo


e-volo volocopter
e-volo volocopter
It flies!
It flies!

And here are a few specs, from a KSL article:

  • Battery: 100Kg, 17.5 kilowatt-hour battery
  • Passengers: 2
  • Total weight: 300 Kg
  • Propellers: 18
  • External circular frame diameter: 10m
  • Price tag: 338.000$
  • Current flight time: 20-40 mins depending on load and wind conditions

See it in action in this video:

Edit 11/12/2013: for more details check out this updated article on EarthTechling

One thought on “New version of the Volocopter from e-volo – The first Manned multirotor flight device”

  1. Nice machine
    Add a turbojet engine/generator to the tail of the cabin to obtain forward thrust and electricity for the lifting motors. Trade the passenger and battery wt for a gasoline fuel tank or make a bigger model for two people.

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