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Gizmag DJI Phantom vision review

Gizmaz has published a nice review of the new DJI Phantom vision quadcopter.

The new DJI Phantom Vision quadcoper
The new Phantom Vision quadcopter from DJI

With it’s on board wide angle, high resolution camera, and the 25 plus minutes of flight time, the Phantom 2 brings a wealth of new features to the lucky owners.

Here are the Phantom Vision camera specs:

Phantom vision camera specs - source
Phantom vision camera specs – source

Click on the image below to go to the DJI Innovations web site.


Let’s see the new features in detail in this Gizmag video:

If you plan to buy one of those you might also want to check out this video from the Roswell Flight Test Crew that covers unboxing and all you need to setup your new little personal drone:

And here’s a solid 28 minutes uncut flight (ok, from DJI) with the new phantom: