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Tech startup Makeblock releases Airblock, a Modular Drone that Transforms Into a Hovercraft

Tech startup Makeblock releases Airblock, a Modular Drone that Transforms Into a Hovercraft

SAN FRANCISCO — November 2, 2016 — Shenzhen-based robotics startup Makeblock released the new Airblock, a modular six-axis drone that transforms into various flying configurations, including hexacopter and hovercraft. Airblock combines the best of building blocks with flight physics and engineering to make each flying experience unique.

Airblock, a modular and programmable Drone
Airblock, a modular and programmable Drone

Airblock consists of magnetic, modular parts that are easy to assemble and disassemble without tools. Included in each set are a control core, a hovercraft base, six blade modules, six spare blades, ten blade shields, one wall charger, one lithium-ion rechargeable battery and one USB cable.

The central processor, motors and rotors are all enclosed in a soft foam frame that is durable and strong. Its pieces snap together using magnetic connectors. The large styrofoam base can be configured with the aforementioned pieces to construct a hovercraft that zips over water or smooth terrain. Continue reading Tech startup Makeblock releases Airblock, a Modular Drone that Transforms Into a Hovercraft

Should I buy a drone as a christmas gift for my kids?

Thank you to Ante Tatarović, owner of  Dronesglobe, a nice website about drones you should really pay a visit to, for providing this insightful article with many interesting aspects to consider on the topic of buying drones for kids. 


With the holiday season being just around the corner, many parents are coming up with the perfect gift for their little ones. In the sea of awesome new toys that have hit the market in recent times, there are some of them that your kids will appreciate more than others. I am, of course, talking about drones here. The newly hyped tech gadgets that have found their place in millions of homes worldwide. Along with hoverboards, they are this summer’s tech trend and considering the fact that youngsters are rather influenced by trends, there’s a high chance your little ones most likely secretly wish for one as their Christmas gift…


How to find the best drone for my kid?

It may not seem so at first, but drone shopping can turn into a really frustrating scenario. Continue reading Should I buy a drone as a christmas gift for my kids?

Interesting uses of drones: infographics

My pleasure to share this simple, yet to the point infographics about interesting uses of drones kindly sent by Tushar Grover, developer of, pay a visit!


Drones has been in limelight since past few years due to advancements in drone technology which helps the big drone companies like GoPro, DJI, Parrot to add many new and jaw dropping features in new drones without compromising on the built quality and size thus giving you a power packed flying machines at a good prices which are affordable by all. Here we have come up with some of the interesting uses of drones infographics in collaboration with mini drone review for you to enhance your knowledge about quadcopters and drones uses, which would help you to get your work done fast in coming years. Moreover not to forget that kids love flying drones so you can definitely buy a new mini drone according to your budget and requirements in coming holiday season of Christmas or on the your Childs birthday to make him happy. So come on folks without any further a do lets droll over the infographics below on interesting uses of drones.

I hope you definitely got to know about some amazing uses of drones in current world arena for the betterment and advancement of people in all fields ,so don’t forget to share this infographic’s and post with your friends and family to make them aware about the new emerging technology in drones .

Check out the original source of the infographics here.

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The 5 Best Drones to Start Out With as an Aerial Videographer

Here’s another nice contribution by Michael Karp on a selection of 5 drones to start as an aerial videographer


If you’re just getting started in aerial videography, try to resist the urge to go for the highest-end models first.

While their features are enticing, you can spend hundreds of dollars less and still get quality shots that clients will take seriously.

You can then use these drones to build your skills (and your business) and upgrade to the higher-end models once your business really gets going.

In this article, I’m going to break down five of the best drones to start out with as an aerial videographer.

These drones are high quality, feature-rich, less expensive than the top tier models, and they are more than capable of helping you hit the ground running.

1) DJI Phantom 3 Professional or 4K

Phantom 3 4K
Phantom 3 4K

The DJI Phantom 3 comes in four versions, but the best for professional pilots are the Professional and 4K. Continue reading The 5 Best Drones to Start Out With as an Aerial Videographer

DroneUp International Film Festival, August 19th-20th, 2016, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Here’s some great information on the DroneUp International film Festival, to be held in Plovid, Bulgaria on August 19th-20th. Be sure to attend!

More info:

Phone: + 45 52 81 92 15


Plovid Roman Stadium
Plovid Roman Stadium

The ceaseless technological breakthroughs of the civil drone world has truly democratized our quest for the above, allowing us to get that desired bird’s eye view of our childhood hometown, our favorite cityscapes, our secret beach’s breaking waves and the undreamed-of sceneries of our dreamed-of travel destinations. In short, drones have given birth to a new genre of filmmaking, now worthy of recognition.

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DroneUp IFF (International Film Festival) is set to present and acknowledge the best and most creative drone films by filmmakers from around the world. To submit, go on and find DroneUp IFF.

Continue reading DroneUp International Film Festival, August 19th-20th, 2016, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

6 Advanced Drones for Aerial Videography

I am glad to publish the following guest post by UAV Coach founder Alan Perlman.



When it comes to aerial videography, the sky’s the limit in terms of drone options. Most major drone manufacturers have a model that caters to the aerial videography industry.

If you’ve been shooting around with entry quadcopters and find that you need to take the next step, we have six great options here for you to review. While this is by no means an all-inclusive list, it stands as a great introduction to the spectrum of options available. Continue reading 6 Advanced Drones for Aerial Videography

MicroPilot-lead Consortium labelled by ITEA

I am glad to publish the following press release by MicroPilot


Excerpt :

HI-RISE – 15009
High Integrity RPAS by Innovative Software Engineering
Project Leader: MicroPilot (Canada)

To reach their full potential, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), must operate over built up areas such as towns and cities where there are many high value tasks that a UAS can perform. Flying a UAS over built up areas is not currently possible due to perceived lack of safety. For this reason, there is a need for UAS that comply with recognized safety standards (e.g. DO-178C). HI-RISE is a framework within which UAS and innovative uses for a UAS can be developed taking into account safety regulations and standards.

logo-itea-transparent Continue reading MicroPilot-lead Consortium labelled by ITEA

Enjoy DJI Phantom 4: Greater Navigability and Other Enhanced Features

I hope you will enjoy this nice guest post by Liz Pekler on the advanced features introduced by DJI with version 4 of the Phantom drone.


Phantom 4, what's in the box. Source: Adorama
Phantom 4, what’s in the box. Source: Adorama

DJI’s highly anticipated Phantom 4 boasts stunning 4K video, 12-megapixel photos, intelligent flying modes for seamless navigation, and other new and improved features that set it apart from previous Phantom iterations.

The DJI Phantom 4 has an advanced propulsion system, a more aerodynamic frame, and a larger battery that enables extended flight times. Just as importantly, the DJI Phantom 4 boasts enhanced computer vision and fully autonomous capabilities, making it equally suitable for amateurs who are flying drones for the first time or seasoned professionals who want to take their aerial photography and videography to the next level. Continue reading Enjoy DJI Phantom 4: Greater Navigability and Other Enhanced Features