Walkera Hoten-X with 808 #16 wide angle camera, sample footage

The following two short clips were shot in Villa Borghese in Rome with the Walkera brushed Hoten-X quadcopter with wide angle 808 camera #16 setup illustrated in the previous post. Video was stabilized with Final Cut.

The light was just perfect at around 8 in the morning, shortly after sunrise. Wind was very gentle.

So unless I improve my pilot skills, which is actually happening every day, this is about the best I can get now with this equipment. It’s starting to be decent although still far from the nice footage I am aiming at.

Stay tuned for developments!

An aerial view of the Globe Theatre in Rome, Villa Borghese

An aerial view of the Pincio in Rome, Villa Borghese

Walkera Hoten-X with 808 #16 Camera

So far we have been experimenting a bit with the most small devices, Hubsan H107C and Walkera Ladybird or Spacewalker with a normal 808 camera onboard. The video we could capture with those, is basically poor. This is because the quadricopters are very small, lightweight and wind sensitive. This makes the video inherently shaky. The relatively low quality of the cameras does not really help to get a great result.

Those are still valid devices maybe in situations in which a bigger drone would attract unwanted attention, and the event to be captured is still worth the poor quality, maybe because it is interesting for other reasons anyway, as it happens for so many videos we see on youtube.

Anyway, as a next step I took of the DEVO-4 FPV camera off my brushed Hoten-X quadcopter and I built a little sorbothane basis to attach a 808 #16 camera with a velcro strap.  Since the lens of the camera was nearly to the floor after mount, some foam was added to skids to gain some free space under the camera. See the picture gallery.

The resulting video is a net improvement over the previously captured footage. Stability is much better, no traces of Jello effect, possibly thanks to the sorbothane mount and the mount for the DEVO-4 with little rubber foots that I left in place.

Idea Fly 4S first flight (indoors)

I recently received a package from UK with a BNF IFly4S. I connected it’s flight controller to a Walkera Devo RX701 2.4Ghz 7ch Receiver (Walkera-Parts-RX701) in order to be able to control it with my DEVO7 radio, best radio I have so far. Connection was not difficult although it took a while as it was my first connection between a receiver and a flight controller, ever.

The flight controller was then connected to a PC with Ifly Tools installed and calibration of the radio was done. Had a few problems on this one, but eventually succeeded also thanks to a couple of youtube videos that you will find in the specific models section.

Then comes the first flight test. Will it work? Please find out in the video below.

Do the walkera ladybird propellers fit the hubsan h107?

Short answer is that the walkera qr ladybird propellers fit the hubsan h107 nicely. Obviously there are some differences with the original hubsan propellers, in particular the ones for hubsan h107 V2. While the original V2 propellers are built so that they entirely cover the motor “pin” when inserted, the ladybird propellers leave a 1-1,5 mm “naked” gap between the propeller and the motor itself, as it happens, by the way, with hubsan V1 propellers, as shown by this snapshot from the banggood web site:



Anyway, the hubsan h107, in my hands, flies nicely with the walkera ladybird propellers.

Don’t they look like little brothers in this stop at the gas station?


Walkera Spacewalker with 808 camera

In search for more stability with respect to this setup:
I tried to add the 808 cam to the Walkera Spacewalker octocopter. Unfortunately it was very wind and video is very shaky. On the last bit there is a more quiet moment that show potential for a decent although low resolution footage. Clearly the 808 cam has limits, waiting for the #16 model for testing.

A small piece of sorbothane was used to quench the vibrations to the camera.

Stay tuned for more on my quest for the perfect personal drone. I aim at something possibly much smaller than a phantom with a gopro. Tips and suggestion most welcome!

Thanks for watching

Hubsan H107C sample footage

What can you expect on taking footage with the Hubsan H107C mini quadcopter with onboard camera? This video contains a couple of minutes of footage in a light breeze condition. This is just a first test fly, however there is some potential here, maybe when less windy.

It is amazing that such a small system that stays in the palm of on hand can produce such interesting results. With the radio controller, everything can be carried in a small bag ready to use everywhere. Lots of fun. Video quality very poor.

Stay tuned for more!

Soundtrack: Pavel Tukki: “Diku”

How to capture video with the Walkera QR Ladybird and 808 camera

When I received my FPV QR Ladybird, I was entirely disappointed that I could not record video. A lot of search went into “can I record video with walkera ladybird”. All I could establish is that it is possible to connect a video cable to the radio, and then hook this to a DVR. Bulky and complicated setup.
What I did was to get a 808 car key cam off ebay, very cheap. Then I temporarily stripped out the “native” video transmitter and came to the solution shown in the video.
Hope this can be useful. Any info on better quality, lightweight camera to test in a similar setup is most welcome.

Concerning the flight with payload, the ascensional phase was quite smooth and the Ladybird can lift the weight of the 801 camera easily. The descent was more turbulent and in more that one case I was only able to control it and slow it down, but not to stop it (in short a few crashes occurred). No damages though.

Helipal Storm Drone 4 first test flight

A short test flight with Helipal Storm Drone 4.

This radio controlled quadcopter comes ready to fly. It is a reasonably priced multirotor, very stable and able to lift a GoPro hero camera.

Check it out at Helipal

I choose it as a first quad to learn to fly manually, very happy so far.

For the photos, the GoPro was mounted to the extreme front “nose” of the quad upper platform, balanced by the battery on the other side (back) of the upper platform. You can see the placement of the gopro adaptor in the video if you look carefully. This is different from the placements suggested by Helipal, however I found that this works nicely and allows to minimize the amount of propellers and motors included in the photos/videos. The balancing with the battery should be done carefully though.

I am new to drones and as a photographer I find it invaluable to be be able to freely select my shooting point. This is a revolution in a way. Stay tuned for more vids

– Credits –
Camerawoman: Laura
Camera: iPhone5
On board photos: GoPro Hero3 Black
Editing: iMovie
Quad addict/pilot: Personal Drones (PD)
Soundtrack: Revolution Void – “Biomythos”

Thanks for watching!

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