DHL plans to deliver medicines and urgent parcels by drone – DHL aerial delivery services

We have recently reported about DHL’s plans on integrating multirotors in the delivery chain of some mission critical goods such as medicines, see the original post here.

DHL quadcopter for the new drone delivery service - source
DHL microdrone for the new drone delivery service

The multirotors selected for the mission are the Microdrones md4-1000. Not so “micro” for the standards of this blog.

md4-1000 microdrone - Source
md4-1000 microdrone – Source

The DHL version is called the “Paketkopter”.

The DHL microdrone
The DHL Paketkopter
The DHL Packetkoper in action
The DHL Packetkoper in action

A video was now published on youtube, that documents the event, that took place  from 9th – 13th of December 2013.

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