Multirotor uav based books (and pizza) delivery services

An aerial, unmanned books delivery service might soon start in Australia. Flirtey, a tech statup born in Sidney University might well extend the plan to delivery of other good such as food and drink in the future.

Flirtey drones will come in 2 sizes
Flirtey drones will come in 2 sizes – source

The Flirtey website states that they are building an industry, not a company. At such an early stage of this technology, with so many still unexplored potential applications this might well be true.

Read the story here and here and watch the video:

Similar services are also under experimentation in the US, where Dominos plans to deliver pizza by a special multirotor called, you guessed it, the domicopter. However this one might be more an advertisement move that something that will really happen (in a near future). Here you go with unmanned pizza delivery from Dominos: