Pennsylvania Pigeon hunters shoot at multirotor that was filming them

As documented in the video below, a multirotor piloted by pro-animal activists that was filming the activities of some pigeon hunters in Pennsylvania, was shot while in action.

The author of the movie states that shooting the multirotor was an illegal act and constitutes “criminal damage to property”. The police called to the shooting spot by the activists decided to not take any particular action.

Here’s a statement from this article by Sharkonline, a pro animals activist group:

“Pigeon shoots are vile competitions where thousands of birds are shot, killed or suffer terrible wounds and crippling pain. These innocent animals are neither fed nor given water for days before the shooting starts, so that they will be easier targets. Suffering from dehydration and starvation, they are then launched out of small wooden boxes and into a storm of gunfire. Wracked with pain from searing buckshot lacerations, some will twist and fall from the sky with broken wings and backs. Other will escape, though death comes slowly for these poor birds for it may take days for them to succumb to their wounds.”

Hunting can take various forms. Among them, this pigeon hunting activity, judging from the footage shown in the first video,  comes with little honor attached. Miles away from the hunting spirit that shows deep respect for the animal illustrated for example in the final sequence of  “The Deer Hunter“.

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